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Talent what we do

Our society is shortened every year by university students who cannot explore their skills and opportunities. They are not aware of their strengths and career potentials and do not believe, that if they dream big, and show real effort, they can reach those dreams.


How many talents have never made such a professional career which they could have been, only because they made wrong career choices or did not believe in their own success?


However, we know those stories where someone built something professionally remarkable from nothing by hard, persistent and humble work, sometimes solving impossible-looking situations.

We at Youth Business Group, being one of the most dynamically developing social enterprises of the country, believe in the latter scenario and start our members in that direction.


Since its foundation in 2017 our Group has grown to be biggest community of talented university students domestically, thanks to our conscious expansion and our interactive, experience-based training system.

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The keys of our success:

We have found a training methodology which, fitting current days’ requirements, is exciting, interesting and practice oriented. besides professional training we give our members a new approach of life and working morals that will help them to make the most of themselves during university and working years also.

Our objective:

Based on our results we decided to expand our methodology firstly nationwide and subsequently on a regional level. Likely to the great international student bodies we plan to start operating with a headquarters in Budapest.

Support us to be the next successful export product of Hungary, and let our students bodies conquer all Europe by raising the talents and leaders of the future!