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The place where the biggest
community of talents build

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Talent what we do

Who will you find here?

In the organisations of YBG you can only meet students who are already successfully been through a 3-round selection process, including an Assessment Centre. We can firmly state that our members are:

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Creating values

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zászló jel


csapat jel

Team players

felfele mutató nyíl

Eager for improvement

nyitott ember


Furthermore, represent the following areas


  • HR
  • sales
  • marketing
  • consultancy
  • event management


  • development
  • IT counselling
  • business intelligence
  • economic information


  • foreign policy
  • diplomacy
  • external economy
  • European Union


  • tourism
  • hospitality
  • hotel management
  • gastronomy
  • regional development

Stock exchange

  • analyses
  • investments
  • global economy
  • financial markets

How they’ve become like this?

The short answer: Talent Program!
We are operating a practice-oriented, 2-3-year training system in every student organisation related to its professional field.Through this we aim to give up-to-date hands-on experience by projects, courses and corporate cooperation, which they can later utilize as new graduates and be valuable members of the employing companies.

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How can you picture it?

We challenge our members from term to term. They are to work on professional projects with fellow members, participate trainings, and choose a specialization after a year according to their career expectations, thus they'll have a properly focused education in the second half of the training.

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Where are we going with this?

Through this we aim to give up-to-date hands-on experience by projects, courses and corporate cooperation, which they can later utilize as new graduates and be valuable members of the employing companies.

Are you interested to cooperate?

If your company is willing to participate in the professional training of the future’s generation, therefore gaining employer branding advantages, you can contact us at:

Participation in Talent Program:

We are working with the most talented students from their first university semester. Your company can be a custodian of their professional skills and views from term to term.

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Employer branding events:

Lectures, meetups, workshops or case studies organised by student organisations.

Our partners said

  • KMPG

    '100% positive experience and satisfaction. We were also motivated by last semester’s work, as we met enthusiastic, motivated and talented young people, who have such competence in early university years, which they can absolutely use later in the labour market. We enjoyed every moment of the cooperation!'

  • Vodafone

    'We could see the talents of future in BBC’s Talent Program. On all members you can see the eagerness, proactivity and all those skills we seek in a trainee or intern applicant. YBG does great work in preparing its members for the challenges of the labour market.'

  • EY

    'It was great to work with BBC because of their professional approach. They have arrived repaired, were interested in our lectures and asked the good questions and were opened for feedback.'

  • General Electrics

    'It was a great to work with the students of Talent Program. It was good to see their enthusiasm they were full of ideas and eagerness. Throughout the programs their expectations and our benefits were always clear; we requested and received feedback and good advice. I'd be glad to work with Youth Business Group again in the future.'

  • Unilever

    'The members of BBC can always impress you: they excel from the ‘average’ students with their constructive thoughts, good questions and elaborate presentations. We hope that cooperating with Unilever helped their further improvement and we will see them again within a workplace context.'